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National colour, tender shades and bright printed patterns are all combined in these beautiful scarves. Every print is really unique. Creation of the collection is a very sophisticated procedure: first, an experienced artist paints patterns for every scarf individually using gouache; then printing colours are deliberately selected to convey the artist’s ideas perfectly. The final version of each scarf is submitted to the special committee of the manufactory.

We currently sell six sizes of shawls:

  • Small woollen shawls 89 x 89 cm (35″ x 35″)
  • Medium woollen shawls 110 x 110 cm (43″ x 43″)
  • Medium woollen shawls 125 x 125 cm (49″ x 49″)
  • Big woollen shawls 135 x 135 cm (53″ x 53″)
  • Big woolen shawls 146 x 146 cm (57″ x 57″)
  • Great woollen shawls 148 x 148 cm (58″ x 58″)

and silk scarves and shawls…

Among unique world-wide known products representing pride and glory of Russia, a particular place is occupied by the shawls from an ancient town of Pavlovsky Posad. Every year «Pavlovo Posad Shawl Manufactory» produces over 400 kinds of shawls, kerchiefs, scarves, tablecloths of natural fibers: wool, cotton, silk. Recognition of the high art and cultural value of our products is the fact that a title of the Russian folk art craft is given to this factory.

Every new product starts with a design. A group of talented artists works on the creation of patterns, passing ancient traditions and creating new compositional solutions from generation to generation. All prepared designs are considered and affirmed by the Art Council, which consists of merited artists of the factory, representatives of the Ministry of Culture and of the territorial art and expert Council on folk crafts of Moscow region.

Today you can touch the deep historical traditions of Russia and see for yourself in the uniqueness and originality of Russian shawls (Babushkas), making shopping in our online store.

Special limited offer: large cotton Pavlovo Posad shawls